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What ARE Akashic Records? 

Introducing the Akashic field: 

The Akashic field includes the universe in its entirety, including earth and all of us humans. This also includes everything from the beginning of time and of all the various things that have existed. There are actually many studies from Scientists about this field and Indigenous Cultures all over the world that have known about this field since the beginning of their tribe. Most people experience the Akashic field through the Akashic records, which is essentially a library that organizes everything that has existed or has yet to exist through a record categorized by each soul/animal/planet/etc.. 

Akashic Records & Soul Books

In the Akashic Library, this is where the Akashic records are kept also called Soul Book. Each Soul Book contains current lifetime, past lives and all future possibilities. We can work with our Soul Book to help guide us on our journey, by rediscovering our talents and passions.  Or to support us with a challenge that we are experiencing and cannot get past.

How to Access & Why? 

There are many ways one can access the Akashic Records. You can access them through meditation, praying or with a reader. The biggest reason people get a reading is they cannot make a decision or simply need guidance / validation that they are on the right path.  Some key things to know about Akashic Records/Soul books; we can only read our own soul books unless we are given permission to read someones soul book for them (i.e. an Akashic Reader).  Sometimes, loved ones who have past come though in readings, usually for healing or to send a message. Lastly, your soul book will only show you what you are ready to know. This is why its important to develop a relationship with your records to keep learning and growing. That's the whole point of life, right? :) My goal is to in time teach my clients how to read their own books through various events and individual sessions. 

Akashic Records Experience  

I am a Certified Akashic Records Healing Practitioner through the Dr. Linda Howe Center of Akashic Studies ©. In most of my readings, I leverage and firmly believe in Dr. Linda Howes Pathway Prayer Process to access the heart of the Akashic Records ©. I also do Akashic meditations which allows you to read your own records with my guidance to connect you deeper with your soul. I do Akashic meditations for groups and sometimes during sessions.  



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