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RN,MSNc & CEN Long Beach, CA 

Long Beach, CA 


I highly recommend a reading of your Akashic record by Sara. I learned about Akashic records in the summer of 2016. I had never heard of them before or since. I had no idea how to find anyone who could read them. When I heard that Sara Wong reads Akashic records, I jumped at the chance, and am so glad I did. Sara is caring, and I received great insight and information. She didn’t hurry anything, and I learned a lot due to Sara’s thoroughness.


Working with Sara is an amazing opportunity to tune in and tune up! With her gifts, skills and incredible way of being Sara creates sacred space to tap into the deepest parts of what you're made of to create beautiful results. In our time together, I received guidance and support in my health, career and romantic relationships. If your soul has lead you to Sara, it has not led you astray!

C EO, Team Flawsome Los Angeles, CA 

CEO, Team Flawsome
Los Angeles, CA 

Flight attendant at  Frontier Airlines   Loveland, Colorado

Flight attendant at Frontier Airlines

Loveland, Colorado

Betty Snow

I just want to say thank you and I value you Sara Wong. I loved our time together and you reading and guiding me through my Akashic reading. It resonated in my hearts truth. Thank you for your vision, your spirit, your essence. I value your wisdom and guidance. I recommend anyone who is ready to search your next spiritual journey or step to seek Sara’s guidance. You will love her like I do.


Mother & Entrepreneur 

Rohnert Park, CA

Kristina Schenone

My fiancé and soulmate passed away shortly after Sara reached out to me to provide support. I did an over the phone Akashic Reading session with Sara. I was able to reconnect with my  fiancé to receive the messages I needed to hear in my time of need. In addition, since his passing I have suffered from stress and constant worry. Through my sessions with Sara, my stress and worry is starting to reduce and my mind is a lot more clear. I am forever grateful for Sara and will continue to work with her. 

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